about this project

This project consists of explorations in computer generated art. You all the artwork here has been created using algorithms and computer randomness. Most frequently used tools that you will find here are paper.js, three.js, Figma for design, After Effects for video editing.

This website has been built using the Eleventy framework. It truly has made HTML fun again.

My insipirations for this have been Zach Libermaan, Casey Raes, Daniel, Kteli Gold, and many many more generative artists.

my process

I maintain a comprehensive Pinterest board of art ideas. This doesn't just include generative art. Most of the really inspirational works I've found to be from other fields such as print design, or illustrations.

I try and create one sketch a day. And then over time try and explore more and more ideas through the same sketch.

get in touch

Reach me at

Find me on instagram - one.generatedpixel

future scope

I hope to be able to expand this library more, and hopefully get a chance to exhibit this in a physical space some day. I also want to collaborate with audio artists to create audio-visual experiences.